by Dialtone

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Cyclops 02:02
Do you see me? I’m a cyclops I only got eyes for one: it’s you I'm a cyclops for you
You’ve got two hands, they have ten fingers and almost all of their nails (and) all the time in the world I’ve got my man, I’ve got intentions and almost all of them bare (and) all the time in the world Under cover of stars, in the darkness, none of them will stare (and) all the time in the world With your two hands, and your ten fingers and almost all of your nails, (and) all the time in the world Hey you, you there please don’t be scared we’re almost there Desire roused me last night swelling like a midnight tide foaming around my body lapping me awake
Buried in the sand, take it all in hand claw your way back to the top and I followed all your plans so you could claw your way back to the top and I’m doing all I can, not the weaker man (to the top) and I’ll stay if I think I can (to the top) Exhume your remains and lose the undertaker get you into a shower I’ll brush your hair Buried in the sand; I’ll stay if I think I can
If I ever let it split me in two I’d still be half the man as you And if you say you’ve heard it one thousand times before Well, I’ll tell you babe I heard it a thousand more I’m no better than you If you say you’re leaving, and walking out the door well I have opened and shut many of those before Ya if you feel you’re dying for something brand new Well I’ve already seen the world and it killed me too I’m no better than you This world can be demeaning nothing happens like we’re told well know this my dear you are never alone
Repetition 02:42
It’s been darkness, it’s been blight It’s been courage, it’s been spite It’s been everything I lack, it’s been milk bones and fat Oh, repetition now It had a price and it’s been sold it’s been fur, silk and gold, it’s been stalked and it’s been trapped taken everything I had Oh, repetition now It’s been lost and it’s been found It’s been underneath the crown it’s been true, the truth is sad, it’s been milk bones and fat Oh, repetition now It’s been a lock and attendant key It’s been kept inside me It was born from the blue, and it looks a little bit like you Oh, repetition now


We circled each other like boxers in a ring,
like dancers on the horsehair,
like cats about to claw.
The circles were coins in the palms of our hands,
two-sided and far-roaming,
our fare for the ferryman,
admission to the waltz,
tickets to somewhere else.
A balm for our hearts, the music soothed
the burning red thing, loosened the laces on the gloves
and let them fall to the canvas.


released September 6, 2019

Recorded by Christopher Sleightholm and Dialtone
Mixed by Christopher Sleightholm
Mastered by SoulSound Studio
Artwork design by Michael Scott Dawson
Dialtone is Piper Burns and Amber Goodwyn


all rights reserved



Dialtone regina, Saskatchewan

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